Snowy River Black Garlic

Producers of quality, chemical free Australian Black Garlic, grown using sustainable farming practices.

Snowy River Black Garlic

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Snowy River Black Garlic is owned and operated by Mark Johnstone and Shelly Carroll, our property “Narrambla” is located along the fertile and legendary Snowy River in Far East Gippsland where we live a subsistence lifestyle. Having discovered Black Garlic whilst travelling the couple decided to turn the garlic they were growing into black garlic for their own use and to share amongst friends, demand for their Authentic Black Garlic quickly increased and has now become the major focus for the couple.

Mark is born and breed in Far East Gippsland and has a passion for single origin, local food that is grown with a focus on minimal environmental impact and a desire to once again see quality food being produced on the fertile Snowy River Flats, the place he and his wife Shelly call home.

Shelly qualified as a Naturopath in 1997 and has a long standing interest in foods that can be used medicinally. Like Mark, she has a strong focus on single origin local food that is grown using sustainable farming techniques.


Black Garlic! Do yourself a favour and get some, its honestly the main thing I can credit for a stronger immune system and increased energy levels. It tastes sweet, there’s no odor and its good for you!

Tash Melbourne

Is it liquorice? Is it truffle? No- its garlic! Wow what a taste sensation! I need to whoah up on my intake…..

Denise Melbourne

On first try I thought I was eating a truffle. The taste is incredible but that is just the beginning. The health benefits are what sold me. Been eating the stuff over winter and avoided all the bugs and colds circulating. Love it

Myshell Melbourne